Welcome to Fisherman’s World!

Grab a cocktail, slip into something more comfortable, and use the secret password to enter the strange psychic lounge where Fisherman is your master of ceremonies and the show never ends! Be ready to be transported to a paradise where Tiki-themed Burlesque dancers entertain you to the sounds of Fisherman on the Vibraphone- another dimension, between Coney Island and Las Vegas, where anything is possible but we save only the best bits for you…Fisherman has spent over 20 years sifting through the pop culture junkyard of retro weirdness, from music, art, theater and movies to the underbelly of the Sideshow, circus and strip club to curate an experience which may not make sense, but feels so right!

Fisherman is the alter ego of Brian Lease, a classically trained percussionist who cut his teeth playing drums in the southern California psychedelic punk scene before moving to San Francisco where he expanded his reach into the outer limits of esoteric retro mash-up. Inspired by The Cramps, Russ Myers, thrift store detritus and DIY fearlessness, Lease began creating projects with no precedent except perhaps a fever dream following a night passed out watching Eraserhead and Gilligans Island.

First there was Frenchy (Dionysus Records and Rob Zombies label), a twisted lounge quintet combining Peggy Lee crooning with Black Flag covers. Then came Fisherman’s Tiki Trio, featuring Lease’s Vibraphonic interpretations of everything from classic Martin Denny to 60’s psychedelic rock and latin jazz. Somewhere along the way Fisherman was thrust into the early wave of the nascent Burlesque revival and ended up being the premier bandleader for everyone from Tempest Storm to The World Famous Pontani Sisters, Dirty Martini and the World Famous *BOB*. A move to New York City in 2001 led to a long commitment to the Coney Island Sideshow Theater where his Love Luau, a Tiki themed burlesque show became the longest running show in the history of the Burlesque at the Beach series.

Fisherman has performed in Tiki and Burlesque festivals from Las Vegas to New York, New Orleans, London, Palm Springs and points in between; composed and performed for films (The Yakuza and the Mermaid, Tiddlywinks,) and theater (Fisherman’s Island-a Burlesque Hallucination, Homo the Musical), and in 2016 was inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame, receiving the Sassy Lassy awards in Las Vegas.

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