Fisherman’s Burlesque Orchestra

fisherman1Fisherman’s Burlesque Orchestra will be performing with all key players from the original 1997 line-up for the first time in over 15 years! It’s an epic reunion of San Francisco’s greatest bump and grind outfit with decades of virtuosic sleazoid experience, including Ward Abronsky (Sax, also of Polkacide), Andy DeGiovani on trumpet, Paul Bergman bass (Mingo 2000) Kurt Stevenson (Tender Mercies, Hapa Haole Boys) and of course Brian “Fisherman” Lease on drums and percussion.

Fisherman has been a major character in the neo-Burlesque revival since creating his “Famous San Francisco Burlesque” in 1997—the first time most in the audience had ever experienced a real, live Burlesque show with honking saxophones, screaming trumpets, baggy pants comic, go-go dancers, wild gorilla and of course beautiful dancers shimmying, shaking and taking it (almost) all off to Fisherman’s drums and mysterious vibraphone!

Fisherman cemented his reputation when he moved to New York City in 2001 and quickly became the house band leader for the first five years of the New York Burlesque Festival, toured with the World Famous Pontani Sisters, and created the longest running show at Coney Island’s Burlesque at the Beach series, the Tiki-themed Fisherman’s Love Luau, for 12 consecutive years.

In 2016 Fisherman was inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, receiving the Sassy Lassy Award for lifetime contribution to the Burlesque art form. He currently lives in San Francisco, works as a gardener for the City and documents his diverse lifestyle of music, barbeque, and wood carving at

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